Divinity – An ultimate way of satisfaction

Life is amazing and you have every facility of life but still you feel like having more because you are not satisfied with it. Find out the truth why you are having depression and feelings of anxiety. Despite of living a dreamy life, something always feels like incomplete. That is divinity, a belief in your own happiness. Pay little attention to your heart and help it find your freedom. The life you are living is not freedom but an accepted slavery. You are a slave of every facility in your life; once they are gone you will have nothing to do by your own. So, this year choose Umrah Packages 2017 and feel the freedom of simplicity. You will not have to be dependent on anything. Sit in front of Kaaba and feel the ambiance of heaven. Live in a peaceful environment where everyone is just struggling to gain Allah’s attention in every way. He is attentive to you, and your heart, ask him whatever you want. Ask him for the peace of life, seek forgiveness and beat your own demons with his help.


Discuss your problems with him, he will help you in finding solution and all you have to do is trust him. Satisfaction only comes when you learn to be happy and wise at a time, not burdening your mind with negative thoughts instead putting all your trust on Allah. There comes satisfaction to your heart because you have chosen the right path of Allah and his Prophet (PBUH).



Travel to the Makkah and Madina who hold divinity in itself and lets you relax away from the world.  Road to Makkah is helping Muslim community of United Kingdom in getting best Umrah Packages 2017 they have offered. So, choose your package right now and take a most peaceful journey of life. 

Sincerity and a Divine Relationsh



How the divine relationship is defined? A divine relationship is only with Allah, the one who created us, the one to whom we will return one day, only one who loves unconditionally and bless without calculating our deeds. A person who is closer to Allah, keep patience and trust on Allah has that divine relationship. Every human being possesses this relation with Allah to a certain extent. Hajj is like a ladder to have a strong relationship so get your Cheap Hajj Packages now with Road to Makkah and make a first step of sincerity towards your divine journey.


The level of sincerity in your rituals and deeds can only be judged by one and only Allah. We are all his servants and answerable to him for every deed. Your every action shows your sincerity towards Allah. And one thing that should be kept in mind is to be cautious about your acts of worship, never respond in a way of ignorant of past times.  Lately we already have the example of their decline. So be sincere with your creator, he is aware of everything but when you call him he listens it more attentively and responds to your every call. Nowadays we have made worship as a tool to get worldly benefits from Allah, when its real purpose is to be grateful to Allah. No matter how much sinful you are, he still have blessings to give you so how can you not be grateful to him.

It is the only sincere relationship in the world that doesn’t end in any circumstances. No matter how you respond to his callings but your one call can get you closer to Allah the Almighty. You just have to be sincere in your prayers, deeds, and actions.



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