How to Play Clash Royale on your PC

"Clash royale how to play on windows?" is the most asked question among the smartphone gamers all across the world. And why not? The game combines card gaming with RTS and with a MOABish battlefield


that gives the user a unique experience of many genres of gaming combined in one masterpiece, and the easy controls and the mildly descriptive characters just widen the game's following among all, professional and novice gamers.



Well, playing on smartphones is one thing but for many people, it isn't enough, for them it just doesn't give the full experience. So they try to download it on to their PCs (which mostly support windows) but many fail due to the unavailability of the app on the Microsoft store.But this is the age of the internet where nothing is impossible, so many people have found ways to download the game using unofficial software like bluestacks. A link on how to download the game using bluestacks: