What You Must Look for in a Survival Knife

In survival situations, when you are alone and vulnerable, your survival knife is your partner who accompanies you wherever you go and whatever you do. It is the most important survival tool you must have to accomplish whatever survival task there is. You need a good survival knife to cut and slice wood and cordage, to baton wood to clear out a path in the wilderness, to hunt game and to make traps, to ward off threats, and so many more.


What You Should Avoid

Everything starts with a good understanding on the things you must avoid when looking for a good survival knife. A double-edged blade, however fancy or effective it may seem, is not really an ideal survival knife since it has lesser functions.


The principle behind it is for thrusting, instead of the most important survival functions, like chopping and cutting. A double-edged blade is also known to have a weaker tip as compared to its single-edged counterpart. This makes it more prone to breaking. And since reliability is a vital trait of the survival knife, you should tick off the double-edged blade feature from your list. Besides, you will be minus the baton feature with it.

It's also smart top stay away from fancy Rambo-style knives. These intimidating monsters are not really designated as survival knives, but rather as offensive weapons to ward of predators, just like how they are portrayed in the movies. Consider them as just for show due to their aggressive looks, as they are too heavy to carry around and are too impractical to use in the more important survival chores.


What Your Survival Knife Must Have

After identifying the basics of what to avoid, you can now focus on crucial features that makes a survival knife simply the most effective and efficient there is.


The Fixed Blade Feature


Note that great survival knives are defined by their durability and reliability. Since the outdoor world is a harsh and tough one, your main survival tool must be suited for all the abuse coming its way. Folding knives are never good enough for these. They may be excellent backup knives, but the strength of the fixed blade structure especially with a full tang construction where the blade extends through all the way to the handle makes it the best survival knife. This is largely because of its smart construction. The full tang feature guarantees the strength and durability of survival knives.